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Minds Across Time:

Journey across time and thought by building a team of some of the world's greatest thinkers! Learn about invention, technology, energy, and sustainability through an engaging and highly customizable card game. Combine the talents of historical figures like Leonardo da Vinci, Sarah Breedlove (a.k.a. Madam C.J. Walker), and Grace Hopper in new and unique ways! Every "Minds Across Time" crate includes 3 unique starter decks and 3 learn-to-play playmats.

 This crate is recommended for 5th-8th grade. Minds Across Time integrates with more than 40 middle school educational standards across math, science, social studies, reading, and interpersonal skills. 

Music from Air:


Explore and understand the auditory world with the "Music from Air Crate". Learn how to play a musical instrument, read music notation, compose your own songs, create your own musical instrument, visualize sound, and learn about the physics of air pressure waves! Each crate comes with two beginner-friendly musical instruments, tools for creating a tunable string instrument, full-color instructions and a miniature reference poster. Some supplemental resources may require use of a web browser and/or mobile device.

This crate is recommended for 3rd-grade and above; students must be able to read and follow instructions.

How to Train Your Rectangle:


Learn the basics of computer programming and Euclidean geometry (using an x/y coordinate system) by creating animations and games in "How to Train Your Rectangle". Learn about universal computing concepts, like algorithms, data, loops, functions, and debugging. Express your creativity by creating your own virtual system!

This crate is recommended for 5th-grade and above; students must have basic typing ability and some perseverance.

Secrets of the Universe:


Uncover some of the secrets of light and energy by testing the same experiments used by some of history's greatest scientists, including Isaac Newton, Thomas Young, and Ibn al-Haytham. Use lasers, sunlight, refractive elements, optical barriers, and a little geometry to uncover some of the most surprising and useful properties of light, and discover the surprising result that lies at the heart of modern quantum mechanics.

This crate is recommended for 10th-grade and above; students must be able to use low-power lasers safely, and basic algebra and trigonometry understanding is required to get full benefit from this crate.


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